Business Meetings and Minutes

TCA is Seeking USCF Delegates

TCA is selecting new USCF delegates. If you meet the criteria below and would like to be appointed, please email TCA president Eduardo Rios at

Delegates must be over the age of 18, must have a valid USCF and TCA membership, must be a Texas resident, and must commit to attending the USCF business meeting during the US Open (held in Madison, Wisconsin) between July 28 and August 5, 2018. Preference will be given to past delegates who communicate with us by October 10, 2017. Preference will then also be given to new nominees who, if previously appointed as a delegate, canceled at least 90 days before the event.

After October 10th, TCA will accept nominations on a first-come first-serve basis. The TCA Secretary will confirm with all appointed delegates by May 1, 2018 to ensure they are planning to attend. If they cancel then they will need to formally resign and we will appoint the first alternate, etc.

Eddie Rios Reelected TCA President in 2017 TCA Election

The election results for the 2017 TCA Election are in and are listed below.  The election was conducted online and by paper ballot starting July 15, 2017 and ending August 20, 2017. Fifty-two ballots were cast.

Candidate: President
Dr. Aaron Guerra: 2 votes (4.0%)
Eddie Rios: 46 votes (92.0%)
Luis A. Salinas : 1 vote (2.0%)
Richard Newman: 1 vote (2.0%)

Eddie Rios wins with 92.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 50
Abstentions: 2

Candidate: Vice President
Tom Crane: 1 vote (2.1%)
Forrest Marler: 43 votes (91.5%)
Thomas E. Crane: 3 votes (6.4%)

Forrest Marler wins with 91.5% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 47
Abstentions: 5

Candidate: Secretary
John Hyltin: 45 votes (100.0%)

John Hyltin wins with 100.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 45
Abstentions: 7

Candidate: Treasurer
Barb Swafford: 51 votes (100.0%)

Barb Swafford wins with 100.0% of the vote.
Votes tallied: 51
Abstentions: 1

Answer: Do you read the digital edition of Texas Knights?
Yes – I read the digital edition: 12 votes (27.9%)
No – I don’t read the digital edition: 31 votes (72.1%)

Votes tallied: 43
Abstentions: 9

Answer: Do you download/use the games.pgn files?
Yes – I download/use the games.pgn file.: 14 votes (31.1%)
No – I don’t download/use the games.pgn file.: 31 votes (68.9%)

Votes tallied: 45
Abstentions: 7

Answer: Do you download/use the tactics.pgn files?
Yes – I download/use the tactics.pgn file.: 15 votes (33.3%)
No – I don’t download/use the tactics.pgn file.: 30 votes (66.7%)

Votes tallied: 45
Abstentions: 7

2016 Election Results

Ninety-One (91 of 305) ballots were returned which consisted of thirty-two (32 of 194) paper and fifty-nine (59 of 111) electronic ballots.

Voting Results (Paper/Electronic, Total):

PresidentEddie Rios (25/44, 69)
                 Richard Newman (5/6, 11)
                 Forrest Marler (0/1, 1)
                 Vish (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (2/7, 9)
Vice PresidentForrest Marler (18/48, 66)
                         Anthony Guerra (4/2, 6)
                         Eddie Rios (0/2, 2)
                         R. Lynn Leone (0/4, 4)
                         No Vote (10/3, 13)

SecretaryLori Balkum (19/56, 75)
                 Eddie Rios (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (13/2, 15)

TreasurerBarb Swafford (18/56, 74)
                 Eddie Rios (0/1, 1)
                 No Vote (14/2, 16)

Thank you to all that participated.  

If you received a paper ballot this year and would like to participate electronically in future elections, please send your name, mailing address and email address to Barb Swafford or Jeff French.

Spring Business Meeting – Agenda and Motions

Texas Chess Association
Spring General Body Meeting
Saturday, March 5, 2016
8:30 p.m.


  • Call to order by TCA President Lakshmana Viswanath
  • Approval of minutes from Fall 2015 Meeting
  • Old Business
    • Financial report – Barbara Swafford (Treasurer)
    • Report from Vish
    • New Business
  • Motion 1 – New Bylaw change motion by Luis Salinas
  • Motion 2 – New Bylaw change motion by Luis Salinas
  • Motion 3 – New Election procedures by Jeff French (Elections Committee)
  • Floor comments
  • Adjournment

Motion 1

Clarification of Article IX section 1 E

Only Texas residents or students enrolled in secondary or primary

schools (including home schools) in Texas may play in this event. In any case no student can play in two different state closed scholastic Championships.

Note that the sentence in bold italics is new and to be added to the bylaws


Students must Physically Live in Texas or Physically go to school in Texas during the school year.


  1. Student goes to boarding school out of state.  Student cannot play in tournament as student does not physically live or attend school in Texas.
  2. Student lives out of state but attends an internet school based in Texas.  Student is not allowed to play as the student does not physically go to school in Texas.
  3. Student lives out of state but attends school in Texas. Student can play provided he does not also play in the other state’s closed scholastic championship.
  4. A student whose parent(s) are in the military and live out of the country, but their official residence is Texas. Can play in the state scholastic as the student has no other state scholastic in which to compete.

Note that case 4 will be a know exception as expressed by a former TCA membership meeting. This body may choose otherwise.

Motion 2

The TCA assigns a committee to determine how the Denker, Barber and the National tournament of Girls Championship (formerly the NGIT) is determined.  The committee will produce a motion for consideration at the Fall TCA membership meeting.


A match will be played in either the first weekend or second weekend in June to determine the representatives.

Possible formats:

A central city in Texas will be chosen for the match. The winner of the North/Central Scholastic tournament will play a match to determining the Denker rep.  The Highest finishing girl in the North/Central scholastic and South Texas scholastic play a match to determining the NGIT rep.  The Winner of MS Champion of both the North/Central and South will play in a tournament to determine the winner of the Barber Champs.

Since a playoff is being held, the committee may possibly want to discuss whether the co-champions should also play in the tournaments.

During the SuperState, the current format can be used. But this should not stop the committee from discussing any possible changes.

Motion 3

Motion 3 Text

Election & Survey Results

Fifty-One (51) valid ballots were received.  
Voting Results: 
President: Lakshmana Viswanath (36)
                Richard Newman (12) 
                Luis Salinas (1) 
                Adrian Stacey (1) 
                Tom Crane (1)
Vice President: Forrest Marler (36)
                        Eduardo Rios (12)
                        Todd Heine (1)
                        Luis Salinas(1) 
Secretary: Lori Balkum (48)
                Luis Salinas (1)
                Nicole Nieni (1) 
Treasurer: Barbara Swafford (50)  
Survey Results: 
Do you have internet access? Yes (44), No (5). 
Should the top player list include ALL players or only US residents? All (25), US only (21)
Thanks to all that participated.  A full copy of the meeting minutes will be included in the next issue of Texas Knights and can be viewed (and downloaded) here.