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TCA Teleconference May 20

Tom Crane is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Tom Crane’s Zoom Meeting
Time: May 20, 2019 8:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Opening remarks –

  • If your not speaking please mute your phone or laptop, if you don’t it causes voice quality voice quality issues

Background Checks and Requirements to Submit P&Ls – Motion passed for immediate implementation at State meeting

  • We also discussed changing the election cycle to two years and this passed for immediate implementation.

Status of updating the remaining By-Laws

  • The By-Laws have many things in them that we simple don’t do – this is you chance to propose changes to get the By-Law to reflect what we’re doing as an organization.
  • Specific things I want to see in the updated By-Laws
  • How are we going to restructure the memberships since we are taking Texas Knights on-line
  • Streamlined/redlined/revised so they are easier to understand
  • Things we don’t do for instance
  • Section 2. Annual Junior Chess Meeting
  • The annual junior chess meeting shall be held during the Texas Scholastic Championship. The tournament director or organizer shall plan for this meeting to take approximately ninety minutes. The agenda shall focus on issues unique to Texas Junior Chess.
  • It’s not clear whether there’s a Board of Directors consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer or are the Regional Directors included.

Polgar nominee –Emily Nguyen, Senior Championship Representative-

How do we count our members

  • After numerous discussions I think we need to count all the members we really have
  • We have ~400 regular paying but we give one tournament memberships to all the scholastic players who play our events.  This would put us in the ~4,000 person ball park.

USCF Delegate’s – I have until… long as I need.  If you are going to the US Open, or know somebody that is going, please ask them to contact me so I can put them on the list.

  • Current list – Troy Gillispie, Vish, me, Luis, David Harvey

Financial report

  • Just a mention how much we have in our accounts
  • Plan to audit and why we’re doing it

Plan to roll out the on-line Texas Knights – Louis Reed is the new Texas Knights Editor

Lonann French has resigned as Secretary, Renate Garcia has been installed as her replacement

David Ortiz is the new Director for Region X, still need Director for Region 7

TCA needs to start getting younger

  • Texas State and Amateur and Southwest Open out of the Metroplex – push to 2020, Luis has hotel deals for 2019 in place
  • TCA starting to utilize younger members to get them credits for larger events

Regional Reports

  • Is your Regional awarded and if not what is the plan for this
  • Things that are happening in their Region, mention large upcoming tournament’s, or bring up any issues important to them that we need to address

Renate Garcia Named TCA Secretary

Renate GarciaRenate Garcia of El Paso was named Secretary of the Texas Chess Association.

TCA President Tom Crane made the announcement saying, “I am pleased to announce Renate Garcia is our new Texas Chess Association Secretary. Ms. Garcia hails from El Paso and has been doing a wonderful job as Region IV Scholastic Rep. She is President of the Crusader Chess Club of El Paso. She is a tournament director/organizer and recently served as Assistant TD of the 119-player K-1 Championship section at the 2019 Texas State Scholastic Championships.

“Ms. Garcia is a strong supporter of Scholastic, Women’s and Veterans Chess. Last November she organized and directed a Veterans Championship in Horizon City. She has a May 21st Fundraiser Tournament scheduled for the Texas Women’s Chess Championship at a Peter Pan Pizza restaurant in El Paso. She will also be playing in the 2019 Texas Women’s Chess Championship.

Congratulations, Renate. The Texas Chess Association is better because of you!”

TCA Meeting Minutes March 9, 2019


Norma Guerra, Mark Reyes, Ruth Castillo, Barb Swafford, Forest Marler, Tom Crane, Anthony Guerra, Aaron Guerra, Brandon Flores, Jesus Olivares, Gabriel Guerra, Kimberly Garza-Guerra, Vish, Renate Garcia


2019 Super State Scholastic TCA Meeting Agenda

  1. Reading of the minutes of previous meeting by the Secretary
  2. Financial report by the Treasurer
  3. President’s Semi-Annual Report to the Members
  4. Old Business
    1. By-Laws Updates
  5. New Business


A motion to not read the old minutes was made and seconded as they are available on line.

The President made his semi-annual report to the members present.  This is attached for information.

The Treasurer reported we have ~$6,000 in the Wells Fargo and $3,100 in the Bank of America Account.  The President noted we are going to have our books audited.  This is for two reasons – (1) It’s good business, (2) When fundraising potential donors, especially business’ ask questions and one of the first is when was the last time your books were audited.

Significant discussion(s)

Continental Chess has had tremendous success after several years of doing a tournament year over year in the DFW area as compared to the Texas State and Amateur and SW Open.  Some potential reasons for why they do so much better and what we could do to improve out turnout was discussed.

  1. Reasons they do better:
    1. Guaranteed $30,000 prize fund (though they charge a >$150 entry fee and we charge ~$80-100).
    2. Norms
    3. They advertise better – post cards are sent out.
  2. What could we do to improve our turn out?
    1. Advertise better
    2. Raise the prize fund – which is probably the number one reason higher rated players come. When the higher rated players come, they draw other players and this perpetuates itself.

The By-Laws are being updated to account for several years of meetings that should have resulted in the By-Laws being updated, but did not.  The Presidents plan to get this completed is to implement the ones that are critical right now and get the rest completed for approval at the SW Open membership meeting.  The updates will be available for discussion on line around Memorial Day.  Highlights of things that need to get changed include accounting for Texas Knights going on-line and the corresponding ripple through out the document, the fact that we do elections on-line and numerous other area’s.

Current motions that are necessary for implementation.

Article IX: Tournaments

Section 2. Policies of the Conduct of Tournaments

  1. Organizers of TCA events involving scholastic players shall make a good faith effort to ensure every volunteer has complied with the normal vetting process employed by schools in the state of Texas meaning they shall have successfully completed the on-line background check.
  2. Any organizer approved/authorized to run an event defined in Article IX., Section 1 shall submit a Profit and Loss Statement to the TCA President, the organizer of the event, and the TCA secretary. This statement shall contain all the components of a normal business profit and loss statement to include but not be limited to:
  1. Revenue
  2. Expense details such as cost of venue (if applicable), cost of trophies, prize fund, ratings fee, TD fee’s and any other applicable expenses.
  3. Profit(s) including who received them/or loss who or what entity took it if applicable.

These items were voted on and unanimously approved.  The President noted these were for immediate implementation and they not wait to go into effect until the first part of January 1st, 2020.  This was agreed to also.

We also discussed whether it was necessary to have a yearly election.  A motion to change to a two-year election cycle was voted on and approved.  Rationale – TCA has contested election once every three four years.  We spend money to do elections that could be spent on other chess related activities.  I am suggesting we implement this motion except for Presidential election.  If someone wants to run against me, we will do the election so it’s not misconstrued that I pushed through this amendment to avoid an election this cycle.

2019 Super State Scholastic TCA Meeting Agenda

  1. Reading of the minutes of previous meeting by the Secretary
  2. Financial report by the Treasurer
  3. President’s Semi-Annual Report to the Members
  4. Old Business
    1. By-Laws Updates
  5. New Business

Minutes from December 10 TCA Teleconference


Tom Crane, Chris wood, Norma Guerra, Troy Gillispie, David Harvey, Jim Hollingsworth, Renate Garcia, Anthony Guerra

Opening Remarks

Tom commented on Texas Knights cover page and told Renate the parade picture was great. Rules of the teleconference, use mute if not speaking. Not in the agenda, Jeff French as editor has resigned. If someone knows a good person to be an editor, please reach out to Tom Crane.

Background checks

Tom has not setup this committee to interact. Tom will email them and engage the committee. Needs email addresses. Renate to provide them. Norma Guerra will join the committee. She has experience with background checks through the school system.

Status of By-Laws

Eddie, Luis David, Forest team working the By-Laws. They need to be ready by State, March 2019. Any changes need to be voted on by the committee. We would like to add P&L transparency added to the by-laws. Need to see them by January 31st – be prepared to discuss on February conference call.

How do we count our members

Open discussion followed. Proposed changing how we define TCA membership as anyone with USCF membership. Chris and Jim would like to restructure memberships: tournament memberships and additional level for those who want to participate. Proposed changing who can vote in future elections. You must be have enhanced membership which controls who can vote. Jim stated if he could show more participants, he could get bigger donations. Renate pointed out we already have a tier system in place. Renate would like to see more TCA tournaments to show value to joining TCA. TCA insurance policies – look at risk/benefit. Chris says its easier to get the insurance than to book the hotels. Tom pointed out its getting people to participate. Norma stated most clubs already have the insurance. Nation Wide – go through the USCF. Tom will take the action to see what the TCA insurance covers.

USCF Delegates

Tom is looking for members who will be attending in August 3rd through August 11th.

Financial Report

Tom is looking for a CPA to run an audit. Tom to take an action to get a quote to do the audit from his CPA contact.

TCA- Growing TD Skills

Taking Texas State and Amateur and Southwest Open out of the Metroplex.  The Southwest Open in 2019 will move to South Austin. This will create training opportunities for TD growth. The Texas State and Amateur will get a lot of support. Looking for someone to run it. Looking for people with limited experience to grow their leadership skills. Tom is thinking Houston area and how it will be structured.

Regional Reports

Open Discussion. Region 10 is having a regional event. We have no director in this region. 26th of January Eddie is looking at this date. We do have another booking on this date. Tom is working through the issues and will select a director in the near future.

Tom’s Closing

Tom recapped background checks. We engage the committee to kick off discussion. By-Laws committee to wrapped up by January 31, 2019. Discussion about membership options. Tom will look at getting a quote to do an audit. Bids still open on Tournaments listed on Facebook.


The meeting was adjourned by Tom Crane at 9:15pm.

Minutes submitted by: Lonann French, Secretary, TCA