Chess Clubs & Vendors

Texas Chess Clubs

Here are some great chess clubs across the Lone Star State. Many chess clubs are open to anyone of any age or skill level. What happens at a chess club varies from place to place. Some clubs hold plenty of tournaments. Some clubs are casual games. Some clubs play bughouse, blitz games, or other variants. Plenty of clubs allow anyone to just walk in and play. Visit the websites of some of the clubs on our list. If there is a club we’ve missed, please contact us.
A List of Texas Chess Clubs

Scholastic Regional Websites

The Texas Chess Association divides the state into several regions for scholastic chess competitions. The regions sponsor a regional scholastic chess tournament each year. If you or a K-12 student you know is interested in a regional chess tournament – there is one.

Scholastic Clubs

University Clubs



Looking for chess sets for your club or school?  Here are some possible vendors to consider when buying chess equipment.  If you’d like advice about what equipment is best, try contacting the closest club to your home and seek some advice. The list below is just a few online vendors to consider.

TCA recommends the following vendors: