Fifty-One (51) valid ballots were received.  
Voting Results: 
President: Lakshmana Viswanath (36)
                Richard Newman (12) 
                Luis Salinas (1) 
                Adrian Stacey (1) 
                Tom Crane (1)
Vice President: Forrest Marler (36)
                        Eduardo Rios (12)
                        Todd Heine (1)
                        Luis Salinas(1) 
Secretary: Lori Balkum (48)
                Luis Salinas (1)
                Nicole Nieni (1) 
Treasurer: Barbara Swafford (50)  
Survey Results: 
Do you have internet access? Yes (44), No (5). 
Should the top player list include ALL players or only US residents? All (25), US only (21)
Thanks to all that participated.  A full copy of the meeting minutes will be included in the next issue of Texas Knights and can be viewed (and downloaded) here.