Major Texas tournaments (State Championship, Scholastic Championship, Action Championship, Southwest Open, Texas Open, etc) are TCA sanctioned events requiring TCA membership, with few exceptions. See the bylaws for a complete list.

TCA members receive Texas Knights magazine, widely considered one of the best chess magazines in the nation. In 1998 Texas Knights won the USCF’s Fred Cramer award for the best state chess magazine.

Individual & Family Membership Fees

TypeOne YearLifetimeNote
Regular Adult$10.00$200.00
Adult (no magazine)$5.00
Family Online$10.00
Junior$7.50$200.0018 and under
Junior Online$3.0018 and under
Student$7.50$200.00With ID
Student Online$3.00With ID
Patron$25.00$500.001st Class Mailing
Patron Online$15.001st Class Mailing
Family Patron$30.001st Class Mailing
Foreign$12.50Canada & Mexico
Foreign$17.50except Canada & Mexico
Blind$2.00No magazine.
Junior Tournament$2.00Valid for entry into TCA tournament. Junior only.
No magazine.

You may complete your new member or renewal application online now.  You may send payment by check or pay online.

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