Minutes from TCA Meeting September 2, 2018

Southwest Open Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2018 at 9:00am


The regular meeting of the Texas Chess Association was called to order at time on September 2, 2018 at 9:00am in Irving, Texas by Eddie Rios.


Jim Hollingsworth, Lonann French, Luis Salinas, Claudia Munoz, Estanislao Anzaldlia, Renate Garcia, Rob Jones, Louis Reed, Tom Crane, Reginia Rios, Eddie Rios, Jeff French, Barb Swafford, J.P. Hyltin

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve former minutes of meetings brought by Jim Hollingsworth and second by Luis Salinas.  The motion carried 9-0 with 0 abstentions. Tom Crane requested minutes updated and posted by October 30, 2018.

Old Business

Eddie Rios led discussions regarding:

  • TCA’s background checks for tournament staff.
  • Proposal allowing a faction to select their regional director vs. appointment.
  • Disclose fees collected and incumbent expenses to be verified by receipts.

New Business

2018 Board of Directors Election report was delivered by Jeff French:

Started at: July 15, 2018 at 12:00 am; Finished at: August 31, 2018 at 12:00 pm; Time zone: Central Time (US & Canada); 122 of 283 ballots cast. 1 spoiled.

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
Eddie Rios: 44 votes (36.4%)


Forrest Marler: 85 votes (72.6%)


Lonann French: 109 votes (100.0%)


Barb Swafford: 112 votes (100.0%)


Tom Crane: 77 votes (63.6%)


Estanislao Anzaldúa: 32 votes (27.4%)


Tom Crane wins with 63.6% of the vote.

Votes tallied: 121

Abstentions: 1


Forrest Marler wins with 72.6% of the vote.

Votes tallied: 117

Abstentions: 5


Lonann French wins with 100.0% of the vote.

Votes tallied: 109

Abstentions: 13


Barb Swafford wins with 100.0% of the vote.

Votes tallied: 112

Abstentions: 10


Jeff French called for the election results to be approved, motion was second by Luis Salinas.  The motion carried 10-0 with 0 abstentions.

New officers acknowledged and assumed nominated roles.

Tom Crane reviewed old business to capture any motions moved into new business.

Tom acknowledged awarded tournaments: 2018 Grade in Houston (North – change name to Texas Grade as no South was bid), Texas State Amateur Open, 2019 Super State, 2020 South ran by TCA and 2020 North to Luis Salinas allowing organizational process to move forward.


  • 1. Proposal to allow representative elections on bylaws changes designated by the President (J.P.  Hyltin) Discussion ensued in more detail by J.P. Hyltin.
  • 2. Change Election Ballot Language (Jeff French). Jeff provided changes and J.P.  printed for distribution. The motion carried 8-1 with 0 abstentions. / Tom referred this motion, to be moved to a teleconference for further discussion.  Other motions to be discussed in future teleconferences:  3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 17.
  • 5. Change Bylaws Committee Chair from immediate Past President to Vice-President (Jim Hollingsworth). Friendly motion:  previous meeting minutes approved and to be posted by October 30, 2018.
  • 6. Online only publication for Texas Knights (Jeff French and Jim Hollingsworth). Jim led the discussion on savings estimated at $3,150 and how it could be repurposed by TCA. Luis Salina’s pointed out the lifetime membership states paper copy by first class mail as a deliverable. Tom Crane took an action to engage lifetime members and determine how to meet expectations.  Lonann French second this motion.  The motion carried 9-1 with 0 abstentions.  Tom Crane put a delay of action for stopping the printed version of Texas Knights magazine until September 1, 2019 unless it is prudent to move up the time line.
  • 7. Only one scholastic general population meeting per year on scholastic and one general membership meeting per year. (Eddie Rios).  Luis Salinas discussed previous meetings.  Motion deferred to Spring meeting (2019).
  • 8. Everything that affects bylaws and structure shall be referred to the bylaws committee before placing on agenda and opening to discussion.
  • 12. Transitioning regular non-subscribing members into regular members (Jeff French and Jim Hollingsworth).
  • 13. Eliminating “without magazine” for blind memberships (Jeff French and Jim Hollingsworth).
  • 14. Purging all “online only” memberships from the Bylaws (Jeff French and Jim Hollingsworth). Discussion was led by Jim.  P.  Hyltin second the motion.  The motion carried 8-1 with 1 abstention.
    • (14.a) Junior Tournament membership to increase from $1.00 to $1.50 to support Southwest open. (Luis Salinas). Deferred to Spring meeting (2019).
  • 15. Replacing the financial statements in Texas Knights to links (Jeff French). Motion was second by J.P.    The motion carried 9-0 with 0 abstentions.
  • 16. Replace candidate statements in Texas Knights with online Ballot Profiles (Jeff French) Motion was second by J.P.   The motion carried 9-1 with 0 abstentions.
  • 18. Proposal to create TCA affiliate memberships (J.P. Hyltin) Discussion by Barb Swafford that we have a school club membership.

Agenda for Next Meeting(s)

Tom Crane has proposed regular tempo teleconferencing discussions to review the following motions and have them worded and prepared for the next general meeting:

  • (3) Remove paper ballots as a voting option. (Jeff French). Deferred.
  • (4) Sets a “member in good standing” date for TCA Elections to July 1st. (Jeff French) Deferred.
  • (9) TCA will not fund any expenses for organizers who have been awarded any events.  (Eddie Rios).  Tom Crane discussed the usage of P/L forms for regional events. Jim Hollingsworth stated adding to the bidding forms as a requirement.  Deferred.
  • (10) Our structure, which is stated in our bylaws, Regional Directors take care of designated regions and are appointed by the President.  Scholastic committee members and other positions are appointed by the president as well, Regional Directors are to also serve as the Board of Directors.  Therefore, Regional Directors are the sole Directors of the regions and are responsible for awarding the Regional Tournaments based on established critique.  (Eddie Rios).  Deferred.
  • (11) Extend the time served for elected officers to two years.  Effective immediately (Jim Hollingsworth and Eddie Rios).  Deferred.
  • (17) Resolve issues with the language for background check requirements in TCA Events. (J.P.  Hyltin). Deferred.


Motions detail submitted by Jeff French and Jim Hollingsworth that was omitted from official agenda


The meeting was adjourned by Tom Crane at 1:30pm.

Minutes submitted by: Lonann French, Secretary TCA
Approved by: Thomas E. Crane, President Texas Chess Association

Xiong, Sadorra, Wheeler Finish on Top at 84th Southwest Open

GM Jeffery Xiong, GM Julio Sadorra, and IM Cameron Wheeler each finished the 84th Southwest Open with 6.5 points in the 9 round International Section. WGM Carla Heredia won the Under 2300 section with 6.5 points in 7 rounds, with NM Kalin Nonchev in second with 6.0. Rachael Li and Shiva Kakarla finished on top of the Reserve section with 6 points each, while Joshua Feldman won the Novice section with 6 points.

In addition, FM Ben Li and NM Anish Vivekananthan earned IM norms, IM Craig Hilby earned a GM norm, and WIM Emily Nguyen earned a WGM norm at the tournament. In all, 394 players competed in the event organized by the Dallas Chess Club. The Southwest Open and is the longest-running chess tournament in Texas.

TCA 2018 Election Results

The 2018 TCA Election Results were tallied this weekend.  Tom Crane was elected president, Forrest Marler was elected vice-president, Barb Swafford was elected treasurer, and Lonann French was elected secretary.

Official Election Results

A couple definitions that you may be interested in while reviewing these results:

Spoiled Ballot: A ballot that was distributed, then it was found that the voter was ineligible to vote, so the ballot link was disabled or, if the ballot was already used, the voters selections were removed from the finally tally. There was 1 ballot in the recent election that was found to be ineligible because the voter wasn’t a Texas resident. In this case the voter never returned to ballot, so the ballot access was simply disabled.

If you review the Vote Audit there are ballots that are noted as Key Surfaced. We had 26 ballots bounced back because they weren’t deliverable. It was found that quite a few of those were hosted by AT&T owned email servers. It ended up that ElectionBuddy had been incorrectly blacklisted by AT&T so any ballots sent to @att.net, @swbell.net, @sbcglobal.net weren’t delivered. Those marked with Key Surfaced are those that I grabbed the keys, created ballot links to the voters unique ballots and manually emailed the ballot links to the voters from my Texas Knights Editor gmail account (which were then successfully delivered). The remaining 6 undeliverable ballots were never resolved.

In addition there were some voters added after the election started. These were because they were missed on the first bulk distribution or other reasons (i.e. they didn’t receive enough ballots with their family membership because one of the family members became old enough to vote and wasn’t reported before the election started). These are marked in the Vote Audit as Added after election started.



Eddie Rios 44 votes (36.4%)
Tom Crane 77 votes (63.6%)
Tom Crane wins with 63.6% of the vote.
121 votes tallied and 1 abstention

Vice President

Forrest Marler 85 votes (72.6%)
Estanislao Anzaldúa 32 votes (27.4%)
Forrest Marler wins with 72.6% of the vote.
117 votes tallied and 5 abstentions


Lonann French 109 votes (100.0%)
Lonann French wins with 100.0% of the vote.
109 votes tallied and 13 abstentions


Barb Swafford 112 votes (100.0%)
Barb Swafford wins with 100.0% of the vote.
112 votes tallied and 10 abstentions

Gregg Stanley Wins Texas Senior Open

Gregg Stanley won first place on tiebreaks at the Texas Senior Open in San Antonio on July 15-16. He was tied in points with Phil Leone and Mark McCue with four points in the five round tournament that featured 27 Texas Chess players over the age of 50. Juan Carrizales took the U1800 trophy on tiebreaks with three others at three points. The U1400 trophy was won by John Boldway with two and a half.

Results at US Chess.

The event was organized by San Antonio Scholastic Chess.

Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018Texas Senior Open 2018

Devagharan Wins Women’s Chess Championship

WFM Devina Devagharan won the 2018 Texas Women’s Chess Championship with 3.5 points in four games. The 2nd Place Award, on tiebreaks, was presented to Yue Chu (3 out of 4 points).
The new 2018 Texas Women’s Novice Chess Champion is Ambriette Reed with 3 points.

The 2018 Texas Women’s Unrated Chess Champion is Barb Swafford (1.5 points). At Saturday night’s Women’s Banquet, Barb Swafford also received the Texas Chess Association Heart of Texas Award for years of selfless service.

2018 TXWCC Players

Texas Women’s Chess Championship Perticiapants. Seated (left to right) are Margaret Bailon-Labednick (from Corpus Christi), Wendy Reed (from Roanoke), Clarese Roberts (from Fort Worth), Woman International Master and National Chess Master Dr. Alexey Root (from Denton), and Sheba Yaru (from Allen). Standing (from left to right) are Woman Candidate Master Camille Kao (from Austin), Nicole Niemi (from Garland), Ambriette Reed (from Roanoke), Yue Chu (from Plano), Woman FIDE Master and National Chess Expert Devina Devagharan, Rheanna English (from San Antonio), and Barb Swafford (from Crowley).

Other special awards were presented to several of the players. Best Photo Award (for posing with a nice chess board and pieces while wearing chess board dress and one black shoe and one white shoe) was presented to Wendy Reed. Tammie Jo Shults Award (for biggest upset) was presented to Clarese Roberts. Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War Award (for most brilliant game) was presented to Woman Candidate Master Camille Kao. Saint Joan of Arc Award (for most hard-fought victory) was presented to Woman International Master and National Chess Master Dr. Alexey Root.

Rheanna English nominated her victorious opponent for the Molly Pitcher Award (for best comeback win) with these eloquent words: “This game exemplifies what it means to be a chess player. Facing an opponent desperate for a little pride, the pressure was on. Greatness is measured in part by your composure kept when someone is really digging into you. This player dug deep into her soul to go home with this award. Many rating points were saved in this heroic fight.”

The Game Judge remarked how this game featured tremendous pressure on the eventual winner who was on the ropes early and came back to win. Woman FIDE Master and National Chess Expert Devina Devagharan was presented this award.

The 2018 Texas Women’s Chess Championship was held June 23 and 24 in the North Richland Hills Library. A Women’s Banquet was held on Saturday evening. Several guest speakers welcomed the players and provided uplifting words of encouragement at the opening ceremony and banquet. They were: The Honorable Rita Oujesky, Council Member Place 2; the Honorable Tom Lombard, Council Member Place 3; Courtney Kincaid, Assistant Library Director; and Maritta Del Rio Sumner, Ph.D., President and CEO of Sumco, LP.

Several Texas Chess Association officials also gave speeches at the opening ceremony and/or banquet: Region 1 Director Claudia Munoz (Woman Candidate Master and National Chess Expert), Region 2 Director Tom Crane and Texas Knights Editor Jeff French.

Local Director Jim Hollingsworth was Chief Organizer and TD. Club Director Jeff French was Chief Assistant TD. Senior Director Tom Crane was Chief Floor TD. Club Director Claudia Munoz (Woman Candidate Master and National Chess Expert) was Section TD. Dale Chaney was the Adjutant. Louis Reed volunteered wherever needed. Five local chess clubs gave tremendous support for this epic Championship event: Alliance Chess Club, Arlington Chess Club, Fort Worth Veterans Chess Club, Tarrant County Chess Club, and Serious Chess Players (American Legion Post 379 in Bedford). This Championship was fully funded by generous donors and sponsors through the Texas Chess Association.

Results at USChess

IM Drozdowski, IM Javakhadze Share State Championship

IM Kacper Drozdowski and IM Zurab Javakhadze

IM Kacper Drozdowski and IM Zurab Javakhadze are awarded the Championship Trophy by Chief TD Francisco L Guadalupe.

IM Kacper Drozdowski and IM Zurab Javakhadze finished atop a field of 32 in the 73rd Annual Texas State Championship. Sixteen year old Sam Rose claimed the Texas State Amateur Championship with a perfect score.

Samuel Rose

Samuel Rose Accepts the Texas Amateur Championship Trophy from Chief TD Francisco L Guadalupe.

The Championship section of Masters and Experts competed over the Memorial Day Weekend in Fort Worth. David Robert Gaston and GM Angel Arribas Lopez tied for third with 5.0 points each, while WIM Emily Quynh Nguyen and NM Jack Easton followed with 4.5 points each. Tim Steiner and Yue Chu finished the Amateur section with six points each.

In the scholastic side event Hiren Premkumar won the K-12 Championship section with a perfect 5.0 while Dominic Owen Liaw and Abhiram N Jyosyula topped the K-12 U1000 section with five points each.

Championship and Amateur Final Standings
Scholastic Results
Scholastic Team Results

Tournament Results at US Chess

Championship Photos

Amateur Photos

Scholastic Photos

SwissSys Standings. 2018 Texas State: Championship

# Name Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 IM Kacper Drozdowski 2528 2531 W8 W16 D5 W2 D3 W6 D4 5.5 750.00
2 IM Zurab Javakhadze 2507 2512 W26 W7 W6 L1 W5 D3 W13 5.5 750.00
3 GM Angel Arribas Lopez 2541 2540 W4 D11 H— W31 D1 D2 W5 5.0 250.00
4 David Robert Gaston 2141 2177 L3 D24 W25 W21 X9 W12 D1 5.0 750.00
5 WIM Emily Quynh Nguyen 2296 2311 W12 W20 D1 W9 L2 W7 L3 4.5 375.00
6 NM Jack Easton 2253 2265 W24 W22 L2 W19 W8 L1 D10 4.5 375.00
7 Kevin Liu 2109 2141 W32 L2 W22 W14 D10 L5 D15 4.0
8 Alex Michael Moore 2124 2142 L1 W23 W20 W11 L6 L9 W22 4.0
9 NM Daniel Hung 2192 2212 D19 W15 W10 L5 F4 W8 D11 4.0
10 FM Michael Langer 2326 2308 D21 W25 L9 W26 D7 D18 D6 4.0
11 NM Mark W Dejmek 2199 2197 W30 D3 D19 L8 D15 W25 D9 4.0
12 Rithik Sai Polavaram 2092 2125 L5 W30 D13 W16 W14 L4 H— 4.0
13 NM Daniel Frank Johnston 2203 2197 L20 W28 D12 D17 W24 W19 L2 4.0
14 NM Sam Lander Cabrera Capocyan 2264 2250 H— W27 D31 L7 L12 W24 W19 4.0
15 Segev Eliezer 2055 2091 H— L9 W27 H— D11 W16 D7 4.0
16 Jakob Infuehr 2124 2120 W23 L1 D17 L12 W22 L15 W20 3.5
17 Rohit Gundam 2039 2051 D31 D21 D16 D13 L18 D26 W25 3.5
18 Graham Free 2144 2150 H— L19 H— W30 W17 D10 U— 3.5
19 Yanke Wang 2075 2088 D9 W18 D11 L6 W31 L13 L14 3.0
20 Neil Bhavikatti 2027 2036 W13 L5 L8 D25 D26 W31 L16 3.0
21 NM Robert Sanchez 2100 2087 D10 D17 D26 L4 L25 W30 D23 3.0
22 Andrew Sun-Rong Mao 1952 1960 B— L6 L7 W29 L16 W27 L8 3.0
23 Ganesh Kumarappan 2062 2041 L16 L8 L30 D27 B— W28 D21 3.0
24 NM Jeffrey C Ivins 2076 2066 L6 D4 D29 W28 L13 L14 D27 2.5
25 Utkarsh Kaniyar 1904 1909 B— L10 L4 D20 W21 L11 L17 2.5
26 CM Atreya Vaidya 2115 2110 L2 W32 D21 L10 D20 D17 U— 2.5
27 Max Huang 2081 2056 D28 L14 L15 D23 W29 L22 D24 2.5
28 Rohit Choudary Bandi 2001 1978 D27 L13 D32 L24 D30 L23 B— 2.5
29 Andrew J Barjona 2054 2018 H— L31 D24 L22 L27 B— D30 2.5
30 Jonathan F Allen 2016 1997 L11 L12 W23 L18 D28 L21 D29 2.0
31 WFM Devina Devagharan 2124 2108 D17 W29 D14 L3 L19 L20 U— 2.0
32 Anirudh Ganesh 2017 1998 L7 L26 D28 U— U— U— U— 0.5


SwissSys Standings. 2018 Texas State: Amateur

# Name Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 Samuel Rose 1886 1985 W80 W22 W48 W36 W35 W2 W4 7.0 800.00
2 Tim C Steiner 1984 2012 W108 W83 W12 W9 W8 L1 W10 6.0 300.00
3 Yue Chu 1973 1988 W116 W29 W67 L8 W38 W35 W9 6.0 300.00
4 Curtis Fukuchi 1827 1850 W96 D65 W50 W37 W56 W6 L1 5.5
5 Ray Yu R/e 1973 1972 H— W49 D40 D13 W37 W43 W11 5.5
6 Jacob Daniel Villa 1854 1867 W60 W57 W26 H— W41 L4 W25 5.5
7 John Capocyan 1833 1840 H— W53 L37 W69 W57 W23 W27 5.5
8 John Michael Kneen 1878 1889 W52 W73 W19 W3 L2 D27 D20 5.0
9 Austin R Mei 1882 1893 W59 W20 W45 L2 W34 W15 L3 5.0
10 Jonathan Woychuk 1892 1894 W44 W58 W15 L35 W26 W45 L2 5.0
11 Francisco Tort 1818 1827 W69 L45 W99 W22 W24 W21 L5 5.0
12 Gary Carter Jr 1771 1785 W118 W28 L2 D57 W77 W61 D16 5.0 175.00
13 Dhanvi Marrapu 1665 1738 W109 W105 L35 D5 W28 D17 W36 5.0 175.00
14 Gabriel McDonald 1964 1941 W140 D34 D18 D23 W85 D41 W38 5.0
15 William Hwang 1728 1753 W119 W85 L10 W116 W46 L9 W34 5.0 175.00
16 Nitin Chikkodi 1891 1887 W66 W24 D56 D34 H— W58 D12 5.0
17 Anh Nhu Nguyen 1915 1900 H— W33 L34 W60 W102 D13 W39 5.0
18 Dean Cullen 1729 1734 W107 H— D14 L25 W103 W86 W44 5.0 175.00
19 Baris Turgut 1738 1732 W103 W124 L8 L86 W118 W59 W49 5.0 175.00
20 Aadam Shakeel Husain 1631 1687 W121 L9 H— W104 W97 W56 D8 5.0 175.00
21 Nathaniel Fernandes 1902 1903 H— H— W52 W87 W89 L11 W41 5.0
22 Kendall Black 1640 1638 W76 L1 W110 L11 D117 W96 W66 4.5
23 Vinh Welsh 1660 1671 W82 W137 L36 D14 W40 L7 W72 4.5
24 Mihir Relan 1616 1667 W92 L16 W106 W51 L11 D30 W60 4.5
25 Anant Ghuman 1539 1618 W141 L38 W121 W18 D43 W63 L6 4.5 291.67
26 Tanish Kothapalle 1669 1680 W64 W100 L6 W120 L10 W85 D32 4.5
27 Eric Wang 1759 1754 D104 W75 W42 H— W86 D8 L7 4.5
28 Aaron Reyes 1571 1580 W128 L12 D68 W75 L13 W97 W56 4.5 291.67
29 Minh Pham 1649 1656 W101 L3 D71 W74 W62 D36 H— 4.5
30 Tom G Schrade 1800 1767 D70 W62 D65 D102 D49 D24 W57 4.5
31 Artemio Loiz 1757 1718 W79 D50 L97 D42 D66 W54 W61 4.5
32 Cory Bryan Klauss 1866 1835 W99 L48 D74 W72 H— W87 D26 4.5
33 David Medrano 1536 1544 H— L17 L107 W137 W70 W64 W58 4.5 291.67
34 Daniel Naylor 1622 1713 W120 D14 W17 D16 L9 W47 L15 4.0
35 Nicole Niemi 1809 1830 W95 W88 W13 W10 L1 L3 U— 4.0
36 Faisal Khasawneh 1782 1764 W71 W55 W23 L1 D61 D29 L13 4.0
37 Ronit Podder 1617 1644 W90 H— W7 L4 L5 W80 D42 4.0
38 Ashok Kirumaki 1724 1725 W98 W25 H— D46 L3 W88 L14 4.0
39 Sri Avishkar Raghuraja 1707 1691 W122 D42 D126 L85 W53 W46 L17 4.0
40 Stephen Stanfield 1552 1564 W131 W47 D5 L56 L23 D68 W90 4.0
41 Andrew H Zhang 1684 1689 W111 W68 H— W97 L6 D14 L21 4.0
42 Daniel Uranga 1355 1548 W51 D39 L27 D31 W123 H— D37 4.0 375.00
43 Andrew Tang 1740 1707 L97 W94 W92 W65 D25 L5 D55 4.0
44 Shlok Kapadia 1486 1517 L10 L90 W91 W122 W67 W89 L18 4.0
45 Kalia Wang 1582 1693 W136 W11 L9 W81 W63 L10 U— 4.0
46 Anirudh Sudarshan 1535 1571 W78 W89 H— D38 L15 L39 W91 4.0
47 Brandon Fang 1769 1722 W110 L40 D60 D53 W52 L34 W85 4.0
48 Charles L Fricks 1598 1609 W113 W32 L1 L63 D98 W99 H— 4.0
49 Pradhyumn Prakash 1577 1613 H— L5 W137 W93 D30 W51 L19 4.0
50 Vinh Pham 1538 1528 W127 D31 L4 L64 W79 W76 H— 4.0
51 Kabir Ahmed 1801 1748 L42 W98 W96 L24 W64 L49 W62 4.0
52 Doyle W Lobaugh 1500 1534 L8 W101 L21 W109 L47 W119 W87 4.0
53 Darshan Koushik 1370 1457 H— L7 W112 D47 L39 W120 W88 4.0 375.00
54 Aadi Naphad 1144 1322 L58 L59 W131 W92 W124 L31 W86 4.0 400.00
55 Aditya Krishna 1554 1539 W129 L36 D100 W107 L58 W98 D43 4.0
56 Gaurav Darshan 1752 1723 W93 W86 D16 W40 L4 L20 L28 3.5
57 Dhruv Pathak 1583 1582 W132 L6 W114 D12 L7 W69 L30 3.5
58 Austin Lee 1643 1630 W54 L10 H— W71 W55 L16 L33 3.5
59 John Osoinach Jr 1510 1519 L9 W54 W78 L89 W120 L19 D67 3.5
60 Avaneesh Parasnis 1400 1456 L6 W132 D47 L17 W112 W65 L24 3.5
61 Robert Heise 1582 1624 W130 D126 D63 W67 D36 L12 L31 3.5
62 Raghav Aggarwal 1344 1449 D63 L30 W139 W73 L29 W77 L51 3.5 12.50
63 Steven Villarreal 1801 1751 D62 W70 D61 W48 L45 L25 H— 3.5
64 Christopher Wood 1196 1395 L26 W140 D73 W50 L51 L33 W102 3.5 12.50
65 Michael May 1580 1561 W134 D4 D30 L43 D68 L60 W107 3.5
66 Rita Joseph 1477 1480 L16 L120 W132 W94 D31 W81 L22 3.5
67 Nitin Akella 1764 1715 W138 W77 L3 L61 L44 W114 D59 3.5
68 Zishan Pirani 1211 1390 W123 L41 D28 D124 D65 D40 H— 3.5 12.50
69 Suchitra Naidu 1357 1380 L11 H— W76 L7 W100 L57 W114 3.5 12.50
70 Aarush Vikram Singh 1351 1343 D30 L63 L75 W128 L33 W125 W105 3.5 12.50
71 Zaeem Alam 1343 1376 L36 W134 D29 L58 D83 D101 W100 3.5 12.50
72 Srinidhi Kaniyar 1400 1434 L126 W135 H— L32 W75 W102 L23 3.5
73 Charles R Davis 1604 1552 W91 L8 D64 L62 D93 D106 W98 3.5
74 Ethan R Mei 1428 1449 H— H— D32 L29 D82 W94 D84 3.5
75 Roger Peng 1188 1276 H— L27 W70 L28 L72 W133 W99 3.5 12.50
76 Preston Wade 1127 1245 L22 H— L69 W115 W108 L50 W96 3.5 12.50
77 Justin Yu 1563 1533 W135 L67 H— W79 L12 L62 W101 3.5
78 Lon Heuer unr. 1322 L46 W138 L59 L98 D109 W112 W103 3.5 200.00
79 Rohan Bansal 1300 1290 L31 W131 H— L77 L50 W113 W115 3.5 12.50
80 Logan He 1466 1427 L1 L121 D128 W113 W104 L37 W111 3.5
81 Hector R Martinez 1742 1681 D106 W104 H— L45 D99 L66 W97 3.5
82 Zanir Pirani 1199 1279 L23 L116 W129 D96 D74 W95 H— 3.5 12.50
83 Brannon Goodwin 1651 1641 W112 L2 H— U— D71 H— W106 3.5
84 Edward S Mao 1600 1598 H— H— U— W125 W119 U— D74 3.5
85 Alan Daniel Smith 1513 1560 W142 L15 W105 W39 L14 L26 L47 3.0
86 Johnathan Davis 1555 1531 W115 L56 W90 W19 L27 L18 L54 3.0
87 Anthony Luo 1634 1582 L100 W109 W103 L21 W106 L32 L52 3.0
88 Andy Woodward 1569 1510 W139 L35 L120 W100 W101 L38 L53 3.0
89 Len Meinecke 1700 1661 W94 L46 W118 W59 L21 L44 U— 3.0
90 Preetham Aradhyula 1101 1185 L37 W44 L86 L118 W137 W93 L40 3.0
91 Helen Jamison 1088 1182 L73 L96 L44 W129 W92 W118 L46 3.0
92 Lubona Chiboleka 1408 1357 L24 W136 L43 L54 L91 W129 W119 3.0
93 Ashkan Pourjavadi 1309 1291 L56 H— W115 L49 D73 L90 W125 3.0
94 Sravya Akella 1234 1239 L89 L43 W133 L66 W136 L74 W118 3.0
95 Lucius Melillo 1394 1348 L35 W130 L123 L101 W121 L82 W122 3.0
96 Armaan Deora 1452 1412 L4 W91 L51 D82 W107 L22 L76 2.5
97 Ronak Hiwale 1271 1372 W43 H— W31 L41 L20 L28 L81 2.5
98 Alexis Hwang 1283 1308 L38 L51 W130 W78 D48 L55 L73 2.5
99 Nimesh Ramanujakootam 1433 1412 L32 W128 L11 W111 D81 L48 L75 2.5
100 Unsh Rawal 1105 1224 W87 L26 D55 L88 L69 W104 L71 2.5
101 Saaniya Deora 1142 1252 L29 L52 W140 W95 L88 D71 L77 2.5
102 Siddharth Vadlamani 1593 1524 L105 W122 W111 D30 L17 L72 L64 2.5
103 Jacob Li 1293 1265 L19 W141 L87 W121 L18 D105 L78 2.5
104 Todd William Easton 1324 1301 D27 L81 W113 L20 L80 L100 W132 2.5
105 Mohit Mukkollu 984 1126 W102 L13 L85 L106 W110 D103 L70 2.5 150.00
106 Sanjeev Raman 1286 1320 D81 H— L24 W105 L87 D73 L83 2.5
107 Alejandro Rodriguez Medina 1252 1265 L18 H— W33 L55 L96 W130 L65 2.5
108 Kaavya Ramesh 1532 1437 L2 L111 W127 L119 L76 W121 D110 2.5
109 Nehaan Ramanujakootam 1218 1182 L13 L87 X141 L52 D78 L115 W130 2.5
110 Sri Yashvi Raghuraja 1305 1251 L47 W129 L22 L114 L105 W136 D108 2.5
111 Adhitya Krishnamurthy 1228 1222 L41 W108 L102 L99 D130 W128 L80 2.5
112 Aadhi M Kannan 1166 1146 L83 H— L53 W139 L60 L78 W134 2.5
113 Srivats Sudarshan 1028 1029 L48 H— L104 L80 W135 L79 W128 2.5
114 Saketh Marrapu 1115 1176 H— H— L57 W110 D116 L67 L69 2.5
115 Vidhatru Kotha 798 902 L86 H— L93 L76 W134 W109 L79 2.5 150.00
116 Sri Raghuraja 1530 1510 L3 W82 X125 L15 D114 U— U— 2.5
117 Vaidya Subramanian 1300 1409 H— H— U— W123 D22 U— U— 2.5
118 Hiram Bodon 1321 1273 L12 W133 L89 W90 L19 L91 L94 2.0
119 Ganesh Venu 1277 1271 L15 L123 W134 W108 L84 L52 L92 2.0
120 George Pazdral II 1106 1224 L34 W66 W88 L26 L59 L53 U— 2.0
121 Troy Gillispie 1045 1073 L20 W80 L25 L103 L95 L108 W133 2.0
122 Bhargav Annem 1275 1210 L39 L102 W135 L44 L125 W127 L95 2.0
123 Ethan Lance 1663 1592 L68 W119 W95 L117 L42 U— U— 2.0
124 Frank Hernadi 1554 1505 W133 L19 H— D68 L54 U— U— 2.0
125 Shreya Kirumaki 937 989 H— H— F116 L84 W122 L70 L93 2.0
126 Shree Ayinala 1835 1823 W72 D61 D39 U— U— U— U— 2.0
127 Raul Garcia 451 533 L50 H— L108 L130 H— L122 W136 2.0
128 Sidharth Gummadi 925 929 L28 L99 D80 L70 W139 L111 L113 1.5
129 Siddhanth Relan 741 729 L55 L110 L82 L91 W131 L92 D131 1.5
130 H Wayne Sampson 929 925 L61 L95 L98 W127 D111 L107 L109 1.5
131 Ruthvik Mattupalli 494 549 L40 L79 L54 L136 L129 W135 D129 1.5
132 Arjun Dhall 932 878 L57 L60 L66 D135 L133 W137 L104 1.5
133 Vishnu Anand 708 751 L124 L118 L94 D134 W132 L75 L121 1.5
134 Neil Shaw 857 811 L65 L71 L119 D133 L115 X139 L112 1.5
135 Neev Shaw 753 715 L77 L72 L122 D132 L113 L131 W137 1.5
136 Miheer Parasnis 858 808 L45 L92 L138 W131 L94 L110 L127 1.0
137 Rishabh Singh 275 269 B— L23 L49 L33 L90 L132 L135 1.0
138 Nihar Ayinala 1301 1278 L67 L78 W136 U— U— U— U— 1.0
139 Neha Sharan 816 787 L88 H— L62 L112 L128 F134 U— 0.5
140 James W Bell 1503 1439 L14 L64 L101 U— U— U— U— 0.0
141 Jung-Hui Chiu unr. 818 L25 L103 F109 U— U— U— U— 0.0
142 Ray Yu 1973 1947 L85 U— U— U— U— U— U— 0.0
143 Shantanu Nikam 1035 1035 U— U— U— U— U— U— U— 0.0


North/Central and South State Scholastics Meeting Minutes 2018

Below are the unapproved meetings from the State Scholastics Meeting in June 2018.

Several motions were deferred to the SWO because they have no influence on Scholastic Chess in Texas. This is a summary of the motions that passed.

Luis Salinas offered an update to Section 2 C of the bylaws, referring to the enforcement of scholastic section eligibility rules. “There should be no exceptions granted. On this the ruling is very unclear, and there have been no ruling on this. Every decade or so someone lets a 6th grader play in the Elementary school section.” He went on to explain with examples that selective enforcement can have the appear-ance of bias when there are some situations that exceptions are made. So, the point is to have clear and comprehensive rules with no exceptions. The motion passed 26-0 in the South Region and 34-0 in the North.

Luis offered a motion to close the loophole that allows a kid to play up in a section. This concerns home school delinea-tion of grades to middle school designated sections. Luis explained there were past rulings where a 6th grader in a private school grades with grades K-6 were required to play in a middle school section. It discourages participation when you can’t play with the kids in your school as part of your team. The discussion on this motion covered a wide range of questions, and anyone who has questions about the mo-tion should look up those minutes, because your concerns are likely addressed there. This motion does not affect pub-lic or private schools, only homeschools, and specifically designates all K-5 homeschool players are in the Elementary sections, while grades 6-8 players are in middle school, and 9-12 is High School. The discussion acknowledged some private schools have differing grade delineations, and this update does not affect private schools. In the south, the motion passed 27-0 with 1 abstention. In the North, this motion passed 24-1, with no officially recorded abstentions.

Next motion – If a regional doesn’t draw 350 players, they can have an open regional event, which means they can have players from other regions play. If you don’t make the threshold, you don’t have to have an open regional event, but you are allowed to. If you do exceed that number of participants, you may not have an open event. This is al-ready a rule, but the threshold is 150 players. The idea of increasing that number is to allow the events to draw enough players to have a chance of being profitable. In the south, the motion passed 25-0 with 2 abstains, and in the north the vote passed 28-0 with no recorded abstentions.

Richard Newmann offered a motion intended to promote financial transparency. “All Scholastic TCA events must dis-close fees collected and incumbent expenses verified by receipts with a list of all parties that received more than $200. This must be disclosed within the first 60 days after the event. Any tournament less than 100 players is exempt from this requirement. This includes regional scholastic tournaments. The report should go to the TCA treasurer and properly published.” In the south, this motion passed 27-0. In the north, 28-2, with no recorded abstentions.

A motion was offered after a lot of discussion related to specifics of Region 10 regional tournament awards, and the selection of the region 10 director. This appears to be a reaction to prior events. The specific motion is “All region 10 TCA scholastic chess tournament bids to include regionals have to be disclosed after the closing day of the bidding process. Each school district within region 10 will have 1 vote. No one can vote on a bid they are receiving compensa-tion from. The scholastic member and the regional director shall reside within region 10. Each school district within region 10 will have 1 vote on who the regional director and scholastic member is.” Luis pointed out that the regional directors are on the board of directors for TCA, and “I’m not sure you should be letting other people pick who is on the board of directors of TCA.” In the south, the vote was 14-0 with 8 abstentions. There was a very lively discussion of this motion in the north region, but the motion carried 24-3, with 3 abstains.

Next Motion – “Anybody receiving monetary gain from a TCA Scholastic event must submit to a background check through TCA once per year.” In the south, this passed 14-0 with 2 abstains. In the north, it was 19-0 with 4 abstains.

Vish introduced a new motion. “All TCA events must dis-close fees collected and incumbent expenses verified by receipts with a list of all parties that received more than $200. This must be disclosed within the first 60 days after the event. Any tournament less than 100 players is exempt from this requirement. This includes regional scholastic tournaments. The report should go to the TCA treasurer and be properly published.” This was tabled to be discussed at the Southwest Open.

Over 800 in North/Central Texas Scholastics

The 2018 North/Central Texas Scholastic Chess Championships concluded in Houston on March 9, 2018. Nearly 800 students competed in the three day event organized by the Dallas Chess Club.

Complete Team and Individual Results | US Chess Event Summary

Individual Champions

Below are individual winners of each section. All top scorers are listed when all had the same score.

  • NM Sam Land Capocyan and NM Bovey Liu finished at the top of the High School Championship section with 6.5 points.
  • Joey Pena won the High School JV section with a perfect 7.0.
  • NM Daniel Hung, Ganesh Kumarappan, and CM Atreya Vaidya Finished at the top of the Middle School Championship section with 6.5 points each.
  • Zahira Pichardo won the Middle School JV with 6.5 points.
  • John Capocyan won the Elementary Championship with 6.5 points.
  • Gurshaan Thukral won the Elementary JV with a perfect 7.0 points.
  • Aryan Gutla won the Primary Championship with 6.0 points.
  • Axel Peterson, Neil Shaw, Preston Aranda, Joaquin Garza, and Aneesh Vijaya Ragavan finished on top of the Primary JV with 6.5 points each.
  • Andrew Lau won the K-1 Championship with 6.5 points.

1,300 Students in South Texas Scholastics

The 2018 South Texas Scholastic Chess Championships concluded in Edinburg on March 4, 2018.  Over 1,300 students competed in the three day event organized by South Texas Chess.

Complete Team Results | Complete Individual Results | US Chess Event Summary

Individual Champions

Below are individual winners of each section. First and second are listed when both had the same score.

  • NM Emily Q. Nguyen won the High School Championship with a perfect 7.0.
  • Wells Hero won the High School JV Championship with a perfect 7.0.
  • Aparna Yellamraju won the Middle School Championship with 6.5 points.
  • Rafael Rodriguez won the Middle School JV with 6.5 points.
  • Joaquin Razo won the Elementary Championship with 6.5 points.
  • Ivan A. Espinoza won the Elementary JV section with a perfect 7.0.
  • Sean V. Quintanilla won the Elementary Novice Section with 6.5 points.
  • Kaitlynn L. McNutt and Luis Miramontes finished on top of the Primary Championship section with 6.5 points.
  • Tomas R. Gonzalez and Oscar G. Buentello finished on top of the Primary JV section with 6.5 points.
  • Abram M. Lopez topped the Kinder/First section with a perfect 7.0

NM Justin Wang Wins 2017 Texas Masters

Twelve year old NM Justin Wang topped a field of 17 in the Masters section of the Texas Masters tournament with a score of 6 points in the seven-round event. GM Andrey Gorovets and NM Anish Vivekananthan finished second and third. Thirty-six players participated in tournament held from November 23-26, 2017.

The 2017 Texas Masters was organized by the Dallas Chess Club.

Masters Section

# Name Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 NM Justin Wang 2355 2372 W4 (b) W6 (w) D2 (b) W9 (w) D3 (b) W11 (w) W10 (b) 6.0 1120.00
2 GM Andrey Gorovets 2616 2603 W5 (w) D3 (b) D1 (w) W10 (b) W9 (b) D4 (w) W12 (w) 5.5 560.00
3 NM Anish Vivekananthan 2211 2233 W8 (b) D2 (w) D6 (b) W12 (w) D1 (w) D7 (b) W4 (b) 5.0 350.00
4 Alex M Moore 2059 2073 L1 (w) W11 (b) L5 (w) W13 (b) W10 (w) D2 (b) L3 (w) 3.5 280.00
5 NM Adarsh Hullahalli 2181 2199 L2 (b) W8 (w) W4 (b) D6 (w) W12 (b) U— (-) U— (-) 3.5
6 NM Ronit Kirumaki 2209 2208 W16 (w) L1 (b) D3 (w) D5 (b) W7 (w) U— (-) U— (-) 3.0
7 WCM Sheena Zeng 1968 1967 L14 (b) D13 (w) D8 (b) W11 (w) L6 (b) D3 (w) H— (-) 3.0 108.25
8 Yue Chu 1928 1932 L3 (w) L5 (b) D7 (w) D15 (b) W13 (w) D10 (b) H— (-) 3.0 108.25
9 NM Thomas Kung 2225 2223 X— (-) W12 (b) H— (-) L1 (b) L2 (w) U— (-) H— (-) 3.0
10 Segev Eliezer 2071 2061 H— (-) W15 (b) H— (-) L2 (w) L4 (b) D8 (w) L1 (w) 2.5
11 WCM Camille Y Kao 1985 1964 H— (-) L4 (w) W13 (b) L7 (b) D15 (w) L1 (b) H— (-) 2.5
12 NM Robert Sanchez 2083 2072 W13 (b) L9 (w) W15 (w) L3 (b) L5 (w) U— (-) L2 (b) 2.0
13 Sudhars Ramapriya 1566 1583 L12 (w) D7 (b) L11 (w) L4 (w) L8 (b) W17 (b) H— (-) 2.0
14 NM Dion Su 2196 2200 W7 (w) H— (-) H— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 2.0
15 Anirudh Ganesh 2052 2023 H— (-) L10 (w) L12 (b) D8 (w) D11 (b) U— (-) U— (-) 1.5
16 Sri Avishkar Raghuraja 1658 1656 L6 (b) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0
17 Suhel Ahmed 1475 1459 U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) L13 (w) U— (-) 0.0


Reserve Section

# Name Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 CM Andrew Tang 1733 1828 W19 (w) D5 (b) W3 (w) L14 (b) W8 (w) W7 (b) W2 (b) 5.5 48.00
2 Eric Wang 1755 1797 W20 (b) W8 (w) D5 (b) W6 (w) W7 (b) H— (-) L1 (w) 5.0 12.00
3 Sri Avishkar Raghuraja 1658 1812 H— (-) W4 (w) L1 (b) W17 (w) W6 (b) D5 (w) W14 (b) 5.0 12.00
4 Vittal Ranganath 1815 1821 L7 (w) L3 (b) W19 (w) W11 (b) W15 (w) W12 (b) W5 (w) 5.0 24.00
5 Nicole Niemi 1906 1903 W9 (b) D1 (w) D2 (w) W10 (b) W14 (w) D3 (b) L4 (b) 4.5
6 Nitin Chikkodi 1812 1813 W15 (b) W11 (w) H— (-) L2 (b) L3 (w) W9 (b) W12 (w) 4.5
7 Ethan Rockwell Lance 1549 1674 W4 (b) D10 (w) H— (-) W12 (b) L2 (w) L1 (w) W11 (b) 4.0 24.00
8 Jia-Syuan Jang 1610 1606 W21 (w) L2 (b) D13 (w) W9 (b) L1 (b) W18 (w) H— (-) 4.0
9 Shashvat Chathapuram 1717 1693 L5 (w) W19 (b) H— (-) L8 (w) W16 (b) L6 (w) W15 (b) 3.5
10 Dhruv Karthik 1762 1738 W18 (w) D7 (b) H— (-) L5 (w) D17 (b) D11 (b) H— (-) 3.5
11 Kabir Ahmed 1664 1644 W13 (b) L6 (b) D12 (w) L4 (w) W18 (b) D10 (w) L7 (w) 3.0
12 Dean Cullen 1782 1741 H— (-) W17 (w) D11 (b) L7 (w) W13 (b) L4 (w) L6 (b) 3.0
13 Pradhyumna Prakash 1280 1357 L11 (w) W16 (w) D8 (b) D18 (b) L12 (w) D15 (b) H— (-) 3.0 24.00
14 Francisco Tort 1937 1913 W16 (b) H— (-) H— (-) W1 (w) L5 (b) U— (-) L3 (w) 3.0
15 Ronit Podder 1466 1458 L6 (w) W18 (b) L17 (b) W16 (w) L4 (b) D13 (w) L9 (w) 2.5
16 Ming-Ruei Jang 1434 1423 L14 (w) L13 (b) W18 (w) L15 (b) L9 (w) W17 (b) H— (-) 2.5
17 Vinh Welsh 1686 1617 H— (-) L12 (b) W15 (w) L3 (b) D10 (w) L16 (w) L18 (b) 2.0
18 Vishnu Ranganath 1295 1294 L10 (b) L15 (w) L16 (b) D13 (w) L11 (w) L8 (b) W17 (w) 1.5
19 Roger Gaiha 1433 1416 L1 (b) L9 (w) L4 (b) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0
20 Sri Yas Raghuraja 703 702 L2 (w) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0
21 Ramapriya Krishnamurthy unr. 750 L8 (b) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) U— (-) 0.0