Now you can save money, improve your game, and help TCA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, support Texas chess players. This is a special One-Year ICC Membership for only $59.95 ($10 savings from their retail price of $69.95). Plus, for each membership sold ICC makes a donation directly to TCA.

ICC Member Benefits:

  • Play chess from your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device.
  • Watch and enjoy their huge library of over 3,000 instructional videos.
  • Play US Chess rated events.
  • Play ICC Tournaments.
  • Access to the ICC Learning Center, where you can sharpen your skills with the ICC Tactics Trainer, or measure your strength with the ICC Rating Meter.
  • Enroll in ICC Interactive Chess Courses for all levels of strength:
    • Learn the King’s Indian Attack.
    • Enroll in ICC Advanced Tactics course
    • Find out if you can play like AlphaZero
    • New to chess? Learn Chess in 90 minutes and much more.
We think this a good deal for all Texas chess players.
Click the ICC logo and enjoy your one-year discounted ICC membership.
And thank you for supporting the Texas Chess Association!