Texas Knights

Texas Knights MagazineThe Texas Chess Association publishes one of the most respected Chess Magazines in the country. Each issue of Texas Knights is filled with TCA news and reports, tournament results, upcoming events, game analysis, top-rated players lists, chess articles, and Tactics Time! (by Tim Brennan).

Texas Knights Tactics Time!

Tactics Time! puzzles (by Tim Brennan) from more recent Texas Knights have been consolidated into a single .pgn file. Get the latest consolidated .pgn file here. (now includes all Tactics Time! puzzles published in Texas Knights up to, and including the latest issue). Note: Tactics Time! puzzles started being published in the Sept-Oct 2014 issue of Texas Knights.

Archive of Magazines, Games, and Tactics Time!

Access PDF versions of Texas Knights, peruse games from each issue, and solve the Tactis Time! puzzles. The PGN viewer also allows download of the PGN files from each issue. To view the chessboard diagrams in older issues, you must install the DiagramTTFritz font. (If you’re a ChessBase user, you may already have this font installed.) If you need help installing the font, read these instructions.

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