Curtis Fukuchi

Curtis Fukuchi at the 2018 Aurelio Gonzales Memorial Tarrant County Chess Championship. Photo by Jim Hollingsworth.

Our Player of the Month has a lot in common with famous old west gunslingers like William “Billy The Kid” Bonney, Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, Virgil Earp, and Wyatt Earp.  All got their start in the Eastern U.S. then moved West. All developed a reputation for prevailing in tough situations.  All were shrewd and calculating.  They were respected and, perhaps, even feared.  Back in the day many regarded them as heroes.  Many still do.

This month’s hero never robbed any banks or engaged in nefarious activities.  But over the chessboard he can be extremely shrewd and calculating.  He’s universally respected as one of the toughest opponents any chess player could face.  He’s also one of the most dedicated.

The Arlington Chess Club recently named him “The Most Prolific Tournament Player in Arlington, Texas” at the start of his 50th Arlington Chess Club Open.  The span of 50 tournaments began on September 27 1997.  While participating in those 50 Arlington Chess Club Opens, he achieved 135 wins, 38 losses, and 16 draws. He was honored with a plaque and some kind and appreciative words from current Arlington Chess Club president Chris Wood and Carmen Chairez, a member of the 1997 Arlington Texas Chess Club.

He’s ranked in the 93rd Percentile for all USA players and in the 97th Percentile for all Texans.  His 63.2 win percentage over 1,307 rated games is impressive.  His conquests include 6 masters.  We at Texas Chess Association proudly salute Chess Expert Curtis Fukuchi as our Player of the Month for October 2019.

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