I am sincerely hoping all of you and your families are healthy, safe and are doing well.

As you may be aware I am one of the candidates running for the Executive Board. I have been involved with Texas chess for almost twenty years. Have held TCA positions and ran several tournaments all over state.

Texas has over, 10,000 or over 10% of the entire US Chess membership. Chess is facing unprecedented times. One thing that has become clear due to the recent events is the role of US Chess’ members (if any one had any doubts). Retention of membership has always been an issue for US Chess and now it is even more so. It is very clear that maintaining our membership base is critical to our finances/future. Membership means continued strength (especially at a time when OTB may be dead for a while and there is no return on membership investment). This is also a good time to invest US Chess efforts to become prominent online.

I will be a board member who can bring new member talent to the group, work well with a larger population, and who can work well with other board members. I will be open to ideas that will take US Chess to the next level, with new norms of social distancing. I humbly ask for your vote

You will be getting your ballots first part of June. Please vote and encourage one of your friends to do the same. We can do this. Thank you.