For TCA President

NameElection BuddyPostal (mail)Totals
Franc Guadalupe70 (78.7%)1 (50%)71 (78.0%)
David Ortiz16 (18.0%)1 (50%)17 (18.6%)
Tom Crane (Write-In)3 (3.4%)3 (3.3%)

For TCA Vice President

NameElection BuddyPostal (mail)Totals
Rogelio Cabello22 (30.6%)1 (100%)23 (31.2%)
Darryl West50 (69.4%)50 (68.5%)

For TCA Secretary

NameElection BuddyPostal (mail)Totals
Osiel Castello28 (41.2%)1 (100%)29 (42.0%)
Richard Garcia40 (58.8%)40 (58.0%)

For TCA Treasurer

NameElection BuddyPostal (mail)Totals
Manuel Gonzalez19 (21.6%)1 (25%)20 (21.7%)
Barbara Swafford69 (78.4%)3 (75%)72 (78.2%)

As Acting Elections Co-Chair, please allow me to express my deep appreciation to Barbara Swafford, who quickly volunteered to manage the postal (mail) ballots. I also appreciate my good friend Rob Jones, who got up early and traveled a great distance to help count the mail ballots. And then there’s my young friend Caleb Brown, from Waco, who worked late into the night Saturday evening, to help get the equipment and room ready for the September 4th TCA Membership Meeting. He also showed up bright and early on Sunday and helped count mail ballots. And there’s Dallas Chess Club legend Luis Salinas, who generously loaned TCA equipment for the Sunday morning meeting and showed us how to put it together. I also need to mention my good friend, Louis Reed, who served as our insurance policy in case anything happened to me, since I was the only person with the Election Buddy results. In his email’s inbox, he kept an unopened Election Buddy results email from me. Finally, I thank my good friend Chris Wood, winner of four Cramer Awards for chess website excellence, for posting these election results in a timely manner.

For our reelected officers, it has been a gratifying experience to serve with you for two years. For our newly elected officers, God speed and I know you will make us proud. And for our other candidates who ran, thank you for your continued volunteerism and for stepping forward with new ideas. I am certain this won’t be the last election we hear from you.

Best wishes to all and most sincerely,

Jim Hollingsworth, Vice President (retired)