The 2023 Texas Action Championship will be played at the Waco Convention Center on July 22. The five-round G/30;d5 event is being organized by Innovative Chess Solutions and will have multiple sections and a blitz tournament.

In addition to fifteen grand prix points and the Texas Action Champion title, the organizer will be awarding $700 in guaranteed prizes in the Open section, including a $500 guaranteed prize for first place. In each other section (U1600, U1000 and U600), $300 in prizes (b/30) will be awarded, including $200 for first place. 50% of blitz entry fees will be returned as prizes in the Texas Blitz Championship.

Entry fees start at only $28 ($38 for the Open section) and will remain at that level through May 20. As the tournament nears, these entry fees will dramatically increase (reaching $65 for the Open and $50 for all other sections by the last week before the event). If you want a deal, register now. Not sure if you can come yet? No need to worry. Your entry fee is fully refundable until seven days before the event. No questions asked. No hassle. Just ask for a refund by the deadline and your refund will be on its way in no time.

For more information and to register, please visit: