Notice is hereby given that the annual Junior Chess Meeting of the Texas Chess Association will be held as two membership meetings, one held at the North/Central State Scholastic Championship and the other at the South State Scholastic Championship. This arrangement of dividing the Junior Chess Meeting into two meetings is mandated by a bylaws amendment adopted at the 2017 annual membership meeting.

The North/Central meeting will be held at 8:15 pm on Saturday, March 2, 2024. It will be located in the Richmond room at the Houston Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston Texas, 77042.

The South meeting will be held in conjunction with the South State Scholastic Championship, which will be held from March 15-16 at the Health & Physical Education Complex of the UTRGV Campus, 1201 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX 78539. The day and time of the meeting will be announced at a later time.

Members may attend either or both meetings in person or by video conference. A link to access the Zoom meeting will be posted on the website at a later time. All members (except Junior Tournament Members and Affiliates) who are at least sixteen years of age and residents of Texas at the time of the meeting are eligible to present motions and vote.

Business can only be transacted at the Junior Chess Meeting if the North and South meetings pass identical motions. In the case of bylaws amendments, a two-thirds vote at both meetings is required. The bylaws require that any disagreement between the two meetings must be resolved at the next annual membership meeting. As a result, if a motion passes at the North meeting, repassing it at the South meeting with even the smallest amendment will have the effect of postponing the motion to the annual membership meeting. Also, for business to be transacted, motions must directly relate to junior chess. However, the membership may nevertheless have a discussion and straw poll on motions that do not directly relate to junior motions (for the South meeting, this is also true for motions that failed or were not presented at the North meeting).

Four advance motions were submitted for this meeting. The advance agenda with the advance motions can be found here.

Although the deadline for advance motions has passed, floor motions can still be presented at the meeting. Members are encouraged to submit any floor motions in advance to ensure that said motions are properly recorded in the minutes. The President has appointed Caleb S. Brown as Acting Secretary for the North meeting. Accordingly, please email all motions to:

Advance Agenda

The junior chess meeting of the Texas Chess Association will be held at the North State Scholastic Championship and
the South State Scholastic Championship to act upon and consider the business described below:

  1. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
  2. Financial report by the Treasurer
  3. President’s Report
  4. Advance Motions
    a. Advance Motion 1. Allow for At-Large Members of the Scholastic Committee (Caleb S. Brown)
    b. Advance Motion 2. Reunite the Junior Chess Meeting (Caleb S. Brown)
    c. Advance Motion 3. Add Awards for Top Girls at TCA Events to Promote Girls’ Chess (David Ortiz)
    d. Advance Motion 4. Create Texas Scholastic Chess League (David Ortiz)
  5. Any other business properly presented at the meeting
  6. Adjournment

Download the text of the advance motions.

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