Below are the non-approved minutes of the TCA teleconference meeting held on October 22, 2018.


The regular meeting of the Texas Chess Association was called to order at 8:00pm on Zoom teleconference by Tom Crane.


Tom Crane, Jeff French, Rob Jones (region 3), Jose Plasencia (region 4), Jim Hollingsworth, Lonann French, Louis Reed, Chris Wood, David Ortez (region 10), Rueben Arzaga (region 4), Troy Gillespie, David Cantu (region 4)

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve former minutes of meetings brought by Lonann French. Motion approved unanimously.

Old Business

Background checks:

Motion passed – but the mechanics of how we do background checks needs to be addressed. Deadline pushed to Jan 1 2020. Open discussion: OPTION: Check the sexual predator website for anyone working around children. Limit this scope to scholastic TCA events. Jim Hollingsworth suggested pointing a committee to work out the details. Tom Crane appointed Region 10 to research and present a process to implement. David Cantu, David Ortez, and Troy Gilllespie shall form the committee.

New Business

Regional Reports:

  • Region 4: Activity discussed: October 26th Regional tournament, El Paseo Open 3rd week of Nov. Nov 10th non- rated tournament.
  • Region 3: Activity discussed: Texas Jr in Southlake. 13th Scott Watkins, North America Telugu. Looking for ways to bring in more schools. Region 3 tournament in the DCC expect close to 300 children.
  • Region 2: Activity discussed: Feb 9th at Kim Wood’s school.
  • Region 10: Activity discussed: two tournaments, hosting weekly meetings. Tournaments every Sat.

Texas Knights

Next Texas Knights to publish around the 25th of November. Deadline to submit material 10th of November. Jeff has some backlog material but is always looking for regional information. Jeff would like results of games and pictures of winners. Jeff only requires rated tournament and would like to see a Texas player.

Status of updating the by-laws:

Luis is working on updating the by-laws.

USCF Delegates

Tom has until November 1st to submit our list. If you are going to the US Open, or know someone that is going, please ask t hem to contact Tom so he can put their name on the list. (Tom Crane, Jeff and Lonann French, Troy Gillespie)

Financial Report

Financial Report: 17K in the accounts. There’s a link on Texas Knights showing detail. There is an intention to audit the books. As a 501C(3) we can get donations after the audit. The audit is key to fund raising per Jim Hollingsworth. Jim has asked adding his name as fund raising person on the website – Chris Wood to adjust website.

Open Discussion:

Jim Hollingsworth would like a Veterans and Women’s Committees in order to keep focus on these two tournaments. Tom to take under advisement.
Tom asked how do we determine membership count? Jeff stated Barb keeps a running list. Jim has analysis on count by membership type.


The meeting was adjourned by Tom Crane at 9:00pm.

Minutes submitted by:
Lonann French, Secretary TCA