The USCF Executive Board Election is now here with ballots being distributed June 8th. Our Texas candidate in this year’s election is Lakshmana Viswanath, more commonly known as Vish. He has served chess in our state for the past 20 years and has previous service time on the USCF Executive Board. He understands the issues facing our federation and will provide a balanced and fair approach to decisions that must be made going forward. Having Vish on the Board also ensures our voices in Texas are heard. You can find his candidate statement on the TCA Web Site and Face Book pages. After you vote for Vish another candidate you might want to consider is David Hater. I spoke with David about why he wanted to serve on the EB. His response was it’s time to give back and he actually has to earn less money to sit on the board if elected. A third option is Shawn Manross, he is lightning rod to be sure but you can’t ignore his passion to do the right things for our game. This above all else comes shining through when you talk to him. We have more votes than any other state in the country. Let’s use them and get Vish elected. Please consider all the other candidates fairly as you cast your ballot.