Franc Guadalupe was elected president in the 2020 Texas Chess Association election with 224 TCA members voting. Jim Hollingsworth was elected vice-president, while Renate Garcia and Barb Swafford were elected as secretary and treasurer respectively.

The election was held using the online election service Election Buddy, with ballots also accepted by mail for members that requested a mail-in ballot. The following votes were received:

Tom Crane – 90 votes; Franc Guadalupe – 134 votes

Forrest Marler – 86 votes; Jim Hollingsworth – 135 votes; Louis Reed – 2 votes

Renate Garcia 133 votes; Sheryl McBroom – 89 votes

Barb Swafford – 213 votes; No – 9 votes; Aaron Toledo – 1 vote

In accordance with the TCA Bylaws, the election was run by Renate Garcia. And election committee including Renate Garcia and Louis Reed verified online votes, and witnessing and verification of mail-in votes were Ruth Castillo, Renate Garcia, Franc Guadalupe, Jim Hollingsworth, Barb Swafford, and Robert Moore.