June 15th is the deadline to join Chess Journalists of America and submit nominations for yourself or a well deserving friend.

Past Texan winners include;


Best Junior Chess Online Article
Winner: Once Upon a Time
Noah Mahan


Best Club Newsletter/Magazine
Winner: Tarrant County Club Newsletter
Jeff French

Best [USCF] State Chapter Website
Winner: Texas Chess – https://texaschess.org/
Christopher Joseph Wood

Best General Chess Website
Second Place: http://rrsochess.com/rrso_home.html
Jim Hollingsworth


Well …. can’t win them all. 🙂


Best General Chess Website
Winner: http://ocfchess.org/
Frank Berry (Owner/Editor)
Jim Hollingsworth (Webmaster)

Join CJA at this link: https://www.chessjournalism.org/join