Louis Reed
Louis Reed

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of our TCA members for their patience with the process of transitioning to a new editor and transitioning to the new online only format for Texas Knights. We’re working to improve many aspects of this online experience, but we could not do this without the support of our members across the state. I also want to send a special thank you to our TCA website administrator, Chris Wood, for setting everything up to make our online magazine possible.

Please send articles, photos, tournament results, games, comments, and requests to txknightsed@gmail.com. We cannot make Texas Knights happen without your continued support.

For games, please include important information such as the player names and ratings, event, date, round number and result. Please don’t be shy; we want all Texas player games not just master level. Irrespective of player ratings, games can still be interesting and informative.

For photos, please include information of who is in the photo, the photo’s significance (location, date, event), and the name of the photographer.

Please keep in mind that I am completely new to this process and I will definitely make mistakes (probably a lot), but hopefully they will be few and shrink over time. Until next time, have fun and be safe in your summer travels!

— Louis Reed