At the July Waco Chess Club’s Sanitizer Swiss #1, Club President Matt Potts (in the cowboy hat) demonstrates ECO opening C-19 to fellow club members in a way only real chess players can appreciate.

Chief Organizer and TD Jason Howell (standing ready to flood everything with a bottle of hand sanitizer) insisted on everyone following the Texas Governor’s guidance to keep everyone safe. Mr. Howell is a senior chess expert and won the Janes Cup/Waco City Championship in 2018 and 2019. He is also a life member of the Waco Hogs Chess Team.

On the far left is Club Secretary John DeVries. Mr. DeVries is a prolific chess journalist and a retired team captain for the Waco Hogs Chess Team. Some of his works are published in Texas Knights and on the RRSO website. He is a life member of the Texas Chess Team and the Waco Hogs Chess Team.

Club member Jon Cromartie observes the action from the far right. Mr. Cromartie is a life member of the Waco Hogs Chess Team.

Jason Howell and Jim Hollingsworth split the 1st prize with 2.5/3 scores. Matt Potts, the Covid Cowboy, achieved 3rd place with a 2.0/3 score.

Photo by Jim Hollingsworth in Waco, Texas.