The 2018 TCA Election Results were tallied this weekend.  Tom Crane was elected president, Forrest Marler was elected vice-president, Barb Swafford was elected treasurer, and Lonann French was elected secretary.

Official Election Results

A couple definitions that you may be interested in while reviewing these results:

Spoiled Ballot: A ballot that was distributed, then it was found that the voter was ineligible to vote, so the ballot link was disabled or, if the ballot was already used, the voters selections were removed from the finally tally. There was 1 ballot in the recent election that was found to be ineligible because the voter wasn’t a Texas resident. In this case the voter never returned to ballot, so the ballot access was simply disabled.

If you review the Vote Audit there are ballots that are noted as Key Surfaced. We had 26 ballots bounced back because they weren’t deliverable. It was found that quite a few of those were hosted by AT&T owned email servers. It ended up that ElectionBuddy had been incorrectly blacklisted by AT&T so any ballots sent to,, weren’t delivered. Those marked with Key Surfaced are those that I grabbed the keys, created ballot links to the voters unique ballots and manually emailed the ballot links to the voters from my Texas Knights Editor gmail account (which were then successfully delivered). The remaining 6 undeliverable ballots were never resolved.

In addition there were some voters added after the election started. These were because they were missed on the first bulk distribution or other reasons (i.e. they didn’t receive enough ballots with their family membership because one of the family members became old enough to vote and wasn’t reported before the election started). These are marked in the Vote Audit as Added after election started.



Eddie Rios 44 votes (36.4%)
Tom Crane 77 votes (63.6%)
Tom Crane wins with 63.6% of the vote.
121 votes tallied and 1 abstention

Vice President

Forrest Marler 85 votes (72.6%)
Estanislao Anzaldúa 32 votes (27.4%)
Forrest Marler wins with 72.6% of the vote.
117 votes tallied and 5 abstentions


Lonann French 109 votes (100.0%)
Lonann French wins with 100.0% of the vote.
109 votes tallied and 13 abstentions


Barb Swafford 112 votes (100.0%)
Barb Swafford wins with 100.0% of the vote.
112 votes tallied and 10 abstentions