Below are the unapproved minutes from the May 20, 2019 Teleconference.


The regular meeting of the Texas Chess Association was called to order at 8:00pm Central time on Zoom teleconference
by Tom Crane.


Tom Crane, Renate Garcia, Luis Reed, Jim Hollingsworth, Ruben Arzaga (Region 4), Jaime Valle, Jose Plascencia (Region
4), David Cantu (Region 4), Anthony Saldivar (Region 4), Mark Reyes (Region 4) and Ruth Castillo (Region 4)


Opening remarks. If you are not speaking please mute your phone or laptop, if you don’t it causes voice quality voice
quality issues

Background Checks and Requirements to Submit P&Ls. Motion passed for immediate implementation at State meeting.
We also discussed changing the election cycle to two years and this passed for immediate implementation.

Status of updating the remaining By-Laws

The By-Laws have many things in them that we simply don’t do – this is your chance to propose changes to get the By-
Law to reflect what we’re doing as an organization.

Specific things I want to see in the updated By-Laws

How are we going to restructure the memberships since we are taking Texas Knights on-line

Streamlined/redlined/revised so they are easier to understand

Things we don’t do for instance

Section 2. Annual Junior Chess Meeting

The annual junior chess meeting shall be held during the Texas Scholastic Championship. The tournament director or
organizer shall plan for this meeting to take approximately ninety minutes. The agenda shall focus on issues unique to
Texas Junior Chess.

It’s not clear whether there’s a Board of Directors consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer or
are the Regional Directors included.

Polgar nominee –Emily Nguyen, Senior Championship Representative

How do we count our members

After numerous discussions I think we need to count all the members we really have

We have ~400 regular paying but we give one tournament memberships to all the scholastic players who play our
events. This would put us in the ~4,000 person ball park.

USCF Delegate’s – I have until… long as I need. If you are going to the US Open, or know somebody that is going,
please ask them to contact me so I can put them on the list.

Current list – Troy Gillispie, Vish, me, Luis, David Harvey

Financial report- Just a mention how much we have in our accounts. Plan to audit and why we’re doing it.

Plan to roll out the on-line Texas Knights – Louis Reed is the new Texas Knights Editor

Lonann French has resigned as Secretary, Renate Garcia has been installed as her replacement

David Ortiz is the new Director for Region X, still need Director for Region 7

TCA needs to start getting younger

Texas State and Amateur and Southwest Open out of the Metroplex – push to 2020, Luis has hotel deals for 2019 in

TCA starting to utilize younger members to get them credits for larger events

Regional Reports- Is your Regional awarded and if not, what is the plan for this

Things that are happening in their Region, mention large upcoming tournament’s, or bring up any issues important to
them that we need to address

Significant Discussion about status of Region 4

Ruben Arzaga Regional Director stated that he has actually received bids from Vista hills Elementary (Ysleta Independent
School District) and Douglas Elementary (El Paso Independent School District). Canyon Hills (El Paso Independent School
District) has wanted to submit a bid as well but has not as of this conversation. Mr. Arzaga has used the Guidelines
previously administered by past President Mr. Rios but has modified/changed them to “fit the Region”. Mr. Crane asked
for Mr. Arzaga to figure out the criteria for Bids. They will be in contact.

David Cantu interjected that St Clements (Private School, previous awardee) would be interested in submitting a bid for
the Regional again. There are now 4 active bids for 2020.

It was recommended that there be an acting schedule to help make the selection process easier for every year but not
agreed upon. Schools who have not had the opportunity to host the Regional will get first priority. Final bid award will
be announced in July.

Background Checks

Motion passed for immediate implementation at State meeting. TCA asks/ suggests organizers to have tournament
directors pass a background check in good faith in order to be certain no felon or sex offenders are in direct contact with

Profit and Loss

Motion passed for immediate implementation at State meeting. An event that is a TCA event is required to submit a
statement to the TCA President, Treasurer and the Organizer of the School to ensure a proper account of profit is
recorded. This includes the $1 fee for those players who are not current TCA members.

Status of updating the remaining By-Laws

Further discussion to revisit at next meeting.

Elections for Officers

Motion passed for changing the election cycle to two years and this passed for immediate implementation. Open floor
for discussion on elections process. Mr. Crane stated it costs money for TCA to run an election.

David Cantu stated that elections should be run yearly.

Jose Plascencia asked how to change the Representative for Scholastics. Mr. Plascencia would like to be considered for
the Scholastic Representative position for Region 4.


We must discuss how to update the membership dues to reflect that all Texas Knights publications will be online and not
mailed. Mr. Crane spoke about the $1 entry fee for all TCA events per player if not a TCA member.

What is the benefit of becoming TCA member? Mr. Crane stated it is to support chess in Texas and you are most likely a
person who wants to see chess grow in your area and State.

David Cantu stated there is currently only one TCA event in the area on a yearly basis and he would like to see more TCA
events to indicate the value of joining TCA.

Renate Garcia suggested that everyone start submitting bids to host other TCA events /US Chess rated events and to
support TCA events as they happen in our area as well as outside of the Region.

Texas Knights

Louis Reed remarked on the status of the publication. Regional Directors are asked to submit information about their
Regions to the editor for publication. The publication is almost ready for distribution online.


Jim Hollingsworth commented on the donation process using Facebook. It takes longer than expected and he will
probably not use it as a way to seek donations again.

Mr. Reed suggested that there be an event created for every event so it may be easier for everyone to look up the
events instead of scrolling down. Mr. Hollingsworth recommended that it would be easier to post these on the website.

Mr. Hollingsworth recommended that all events should be submitting to the Texas official Clearinghouse Calendar of
events as well as producing a Tournament Life Announcement (TLA) through US chess since this is the primary place he
obtains information to post on the Facebook page.


2019 National Tournament of Girl Champions Rep WFM Priya Trakru

2019 Denker Rep WIM Emily Nguyen

2019 Barber Rep Rohit Gundam

2019 National Senior Rep Miguel Medina Paz

OPEN floor to discuss upcoming events

Jose Plascencia – (President of EPIC, coach at La Fe Prep) Fast cash USCF Tournament June 1 at Alameda location, Mr
Maass (GM) will host a simul in Juarez, Mexico with Yasser Quezada May 20. The El Paso Institute of Chess is a local non
profit 501 (c) 3 .

Mark Reyes – (El Paso Chess Rockstars/ Borderland Chess Central Newsletter, USCF Club TD, Coach at Eastwood Knolls)
Borderland Tournament to be held at Peter Piper Pizza on Paisano, May 25 non USCF. Summer Chess Camp at Jose
Cisneros Library Branch, Tournament July 20.

Renate Garcia – (Crusader Chess Club of El Paso President/Organizer, Coach Vista Hills Elem, USCF Club TD) “Crusader
Week of Giving” Women’s Championship 2019 Fundraiser, USCF Tournament/ Non USCF member Tournament on May
21 held at Peter Piper Pizza on Lee Trevino. Simul Fundraiser benefitting CRC7 Ft Bliss with National Master Luis Silva on
May 25th.

Jim Hollingsworth – Red River Shoot Out XVII annual series of annual team matches Texas leads the series 10 to 7.


The meeting was adjourned by Tom Crane at 9:30pm Central time.

Minutes submitted by:

Renate Garcia, Secretary TCA